Value Engineering

Value-engineeringValue Engineering is best applied at the beginning of the construction phase of the project. Menara Construction and Development LLC has always used “Value Engineering and Value Analysis” as a basis for material selection and design efficiency. By fully understanding your needs and goals, we can make recommendations that will meet or exceed your expectations. Doing things the same way they have always been done, leaves no room for new more efficient and money saving ways.

When looking at Value Engineering & Analysis we consider several criteria:

1- Is there a proven alternative?  If so:

  •      What is the added cost or savings?
  •      What is the ROI?
  •      What is added to maintenance considerations?

2- Are there any changes to the schedule?  If so:

  •      Will savings affect the schedule? – Will it extend it or shorten it?
  •      Is there a cost benefit to any schedule changes?

Construction costs are only one part – Quality, ROI and long term maintenance must be a major factor in considering all methods of construction and products used.